The KidLit Series

Introduction to Kid-Lit:

The Kid-Lit series has been designed to help children of all ages explore the world of literature.

Anyone can learn to read a book, but the world becomes broader, richer, and more vibrant, when that person sees or understands what principles and structures are being used in the materials they read.

Each Kid-Lit book is a cross between a Children's read aloud book and a single topic text book.

These books are designed to be short, easy to read and fun in order to catch and keep the attention of younger readers.

At the end of each book there is an Afterward, which is a “grown up” discussion that explains the element each book focuses on.
Following the Afterward, I have provided examples used in various forms of media that hopefully kids may recognize, or at least be familiar with the author, singer, movie, etc.



#3: Exploring words that rhyme at the front of the word, like Free French Fries Forever.
Coming Spring 2018. 

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  1. These are really nice books that teach people on how soft rhymes as well as alliterations are in our everyday lifes.