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**  Compatible devices:  See Below  **

Introduction to Onomatopoeia:
Pronounced:  “On uh mot uh pee ya”
This book is special. It is only being offered as an e-book, because it is presented in a multimedia format:
Within these “pages” you will find
A picture,
A Question,
A link to a sound file,
And a small (funny) quiz
When you read the discussion in the afterward, you will see that there may be a lot of right answers.  

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**  Compatible devices **

This book plays sounds as you click on the several links.

The sounds in this e-book ARE compatible with:

  • Laptops: Windows, Linux, Apple,
  • Android tablets, 
  • Android Smart Phones,
  • Apple IPhones, 
  • Apple IPads, 
  • Kindle Fire, 
  • Any smart reader device.

The sounds DO NOT play on:

  • Older "black and white" e-readers
  • Kindle paper white,
  • Kindle keyboard,
  • etc.

BUT, you and your children could certainly have a blast making the noises yourself and deciding which is the best spelling !!  It's up to you  (and it IS a FREE e-book).

Enter your email address in the form above and we will send your copy of Onomatopoeia right away.

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